Is Green Sleeper Sofa under 1000 the Right Choice for Your Home’s Furniture?

Many more furniture stores are adapting to sustainable materials. This has been driven by the fact that more people become aware of making responsible decisions regarding products that they buy for their homes and would help the environment as well. Because of this, not just that consumers are searching for sleeper sofa under 1000 with great features and quality but also, they are scrutinizing whether it is environment-friendly. Basically, this goes the same with other furniture purchases made.

What’s Sustainable Furniture?

Manufacturers are creating sustainable furniture by using materials that will cause minimal impact on the environment. Normally, sustainable furniture is using:

  • Minimal chemicals that may pollute or damage the environment
  • Local material to save on transport and;
  • Wood or any materials that can be acquired from renewable resources

Why Going Green Furniture is always a Smarter Pick?

Environmentally friendly furniture produces less damage to our environment and also, it makes the place a lot environment safe. When buying green furniture that uses minimal chemicals, you will have less harmful pollutants circulating around your house such as VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds,

Paints, carpets, fabrics, and yes, furniture can release VOCs that could trigger allergies, asthma and migraines among people. According to report, the potential health impacts of indoor exposure to VOC are causing concern. This is given the fact that people, especially children are spending majority of their time indoors.

Checklist for Eco-Furniture Shopping

When you are shopping for sustainable or green furniture, there are few things that should be taken into mind and these are:

  • Does the source where the piece was made apply green building practices?
  • How far did the material need to travel from the plant to the store?
  • Is the item durable?
  • What chemicals and materials are used to build the furniture?
  • Is the furniture’s frame is made from particleboard or solid wood and does it contain formaldehyde?
  • Did the manufacturer sprayed the furniture’s fabric with chemicals in order to have high resistance to stains?
  • Is the paint finish water-based, stain or paint? If it is not, then probably, it contains a high volume of VOCs.