Saving the Environment in Your Own Little Ways

Regardless if it is food, cars, clothing, gas, water, toys, electronics, water and all other goods, at the end of the day, all of us are consumers. It is impossible to just stop consuming. However, what we can do is to be aware of our consumption habits and have knowledge of how every action or purchase will affect the ecosystem. This is not only going to impact regular consumers but businesses too from florist who cut and sell flowers, fast food chains and so forth.

The great news is, it is not that hard or even costly to practice being eco-friendly. Even with small changes, we as individuals, cumulatively, think of how much cleaner our planet is going to be if everyone practiced the following.


Letting foods and also yard waste naturally rot in soil rather than sending it to landfills is more beneficial to the environment. Simply speaking, try to learn how to do composting. Composting yard waste and food scraps do offer plenty of rewards. For one, it is keeping a large amount of trash out of waste stream and also, it is producing rich soil for garden use. The best part, it is all free!

Opt for Reusable Materials than Single Use

Think of the number of people you are seeing on a daily basis drinking coffee or any beverage from disposable bottles or cups, carrying disposable bags, eating from disposable containers or plates or sipping from disposable straws. All the single-use plastic needs go somewhere after use right? While it seems harmless, collectively it creates a huge impact on our natural resources from marine life, oceans and soil.

All the abovementioned items have eco-friendly counterparts. Having said that, it is recommended to switch using reusable items and commit to using them as often as possible. By doing so, there will be less trash to pile up and you are making your own contributions in protecting the environment.


Try to be creative with your unwanted items by means of upcycling. Simply put, this is how you can reuse or repurpose items. It may possess a challenge from the start but it is going to be worthwhile. You can get ideas from businesses such as florist nearby who are repurposing some items that can be integrated into their flower arrangements and so forth.