YouTube: Social Media Platform for Musicians

Video has always been an important channel to promote your music. Videos, concerts, films are ways to connect more to your audiences. YouTube is a social media platform you need to take advantage of as a musician. You won’t be famous because you were found in search engine results. But by making it easy for you to see, existing fans can always find you with a bit of effort and your music when potential new fans are looking for something similar. 

Google is arguably the largest search engine but believes it or not, YouTube is the second largest, with over three billion searches each month. And more importantly, music is the most searched topic. Often an unofficial upload of a recorded song. YouTube has cracked down on it and launched a new streaming service called YouTube Red, one of the most uncommon, if not the most common, places where people first find songs. Aside from YouTube, you can also use another music platform – Spotify. One of the best ways to get spotify plays and more listeners is via Spotistar.

Maybe your music is already there, preferably upload it to your official channel. Then it is also shareable on other social media platform such as Facebook and Instagram. As mentioned earlier, unfortunately, much of the music added to YouTube has been unofficially uploaded by fans. This can be a massive headache when it’s time to record and collect royalties correctly. Not to mention the potential damage to search results if the viewing potential is split into multiple video versions. Combine all these views into a single video to appear high in your search results. Be sure to upload your music to the official channel.

How to increase your music fans on YouTube

Now that you’ve set up your channel tweak your custom content to make sure all these efforts are helping you get followers. 

Make great videos The prominent place to get started is to make a great video. Otherwise, efforts to optimize search results will be wasted. The types of videos included in the channel are: Always make sure the video and audio quality is high.

Official Music Video: All official videos should be posted on the YouTube channel to ensure fans’ views. Go back to your channel. 

Lyrics Video: A great way to help fans connect more with your music. 

Cover Song: Introducing the music of other bands that inspire and inspire you, which will significantly help new fans to access themselves. 

Live Video: This video can be complex because it is challenging to capture high-quality film and audio from live performances. But if you can easily understand it, it could be a great way to use YouTube to increase your interest in your next tour.