Lunar Nodal Cycles and How They Affect Human Lives

In recent years, climate scientists have been warning us about rising sea levels as large ice sheets and glaciers continue to melt because of the global warming phenomena. Yet if one is to read reports and discussions of atmospheric scientists, sea level rises are normal since ocean water is affected by the lunar forces.

How the Forces Created by the Moon During the Cycles Affect Earth Life

The moon rotates in its position while at the same, revolving in an invisible orbit around the Earth. Yet every day, the Earth is also rotating in its own axis, while revolving around the sun for a whole year following its planetary orbit. Since forces are produced by the moon and the sun’s movements, gravitational pulls cause the ocean waters to rise, which could be so severe they can cause tidal waves to flood in coastal communities.

Atmospheric scientists explain that if the moon is in an orbital position farthest from the Earth, the gravitational pull of the forces will have less impact on sea levels. Yet if the moon is in its Super Moon position, it means it’s in an orbital position that is closest to the Earth. If so, the gravitational pull of the moon and the Earth’s movements increase possibilities of flooding as a result of tidal waves.

According to atmospheric reports, the lunar cycle is in the middle of a 9.3-year term of the 18.6 year orbital cycle. Supposedly, the period has a dampening effect on sea level rise because it’s farthest from the sun. However, in our present day scenario, when sea levels are rising as a result of melting glaciers and warming temperature, the levels by which ocean water is rising have been reaching extremely dangerous heights.

NASA warns that people around the world are seeing a dramatic increase in high-tide flooding because the rising sea levels bought about by climate change has been combining with the effects of the forces created by the the lunar nodal cycle. People can expect extreme increases resulting in high-tide flooding up to the year 2030.

Astrologers’ Take on Lunar Nodal Cycles

Now here’s the thing. lunar nodal cycles are also of great importance for astrologers. The belief is that every person’s fate is already written in his North Star and his past has been etched in the opposite South Star. These are also known as the North Node and South Node of the lunar nodal cycle, which are the imaginary points that have been calculated in individual birth charts of those seeking guidance from astrologers.

Apparently, astrology’s expectations of the lunar nodal cycles are not at all connected to the global warming and climate change phenomena. However, when the invisible points of the lunar nodal cycles can also result in lunar or solar eclipses. As the events of the past can raise many challenges that make it difficult for people to follow the paths to their destiny.

Currently, the Earth is going through a Taurus-Scorpio Node cycle, which largely sees the Taurus North Node engaged in some form of tug-of-war with the opposite Scorpio South Node. However, one needs to have an astrologer to show the right paths and to interpret the qualities of the signs being manifested by that lunar nodal cycle.

If for example you were born in a lunar cycle North Node Aquarius South Node Leo, and you want to have guidance on how to fulfill your purpose in life, read up on an article with the same title at the Truly Divine website.