How Bad Game Consoles are for the Environment


A little game console consumes just as much power as a small refrigerator. And contrary to what manufacturers say, not every new game console is also more economical.


According to HansPaul Siderius, energy efficiency adviser at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, energy consumption strongly depends on usage. “If you play for two hours a day, you`re about to use a small refrigerator on an annual basis. If you play more, it quickly adds up. It also depends on whether the device is on standby or completely turned off when not in use. ”

In addition, when playing the game, we use not only the console but also the screen and sound system.” A racing game where you even have a “real” steering wheel. All gamers know that the room they’re playing in can quickly get hot, especially if it’s a small room. There are over 500 watts. ”

Computational Power

The energy consumed in an hour of play depends on the game design and the percentage calculated in the data center,” he explains. “To download a game, you need to store a few gigabytes of data in the console. Interactions with other players are done through the server in the data center. The console is where the character’s position, actions, etc. Sends game data to the server, which returns information from other players processed by the in-game console. ”

Current game models require the most computing power for graphic effects and resolution. Therefore, the maximum energy load is on the console. Barentsen believes that this may change with the advent of cloud gaming. “Then, the data center does a lot of computation, so you can stream the game, so to speak. Ultimately, you only need a controller and a screen.”

However, the increased efficiency in the data center is the data traffic. It is doubtful whether it will be sufficient in the long run to make up for the increase. The faster the connection (think 5G), the more beautiful your video game photos will be. As a result, more computing power is needed at home and the environment, sell rust items, and in the data center.