Importance of Encouraging Today’s Youths to Act with Environmental Awareness in Mind

It is important to encourage everyone to act with environmental awareness as all of humanity are responsible for the damage we are causing the environment. At the least, the younger generation finally understands their future and that of the next generations are at stake. They are the ones who stand to experience the worsening effects of global warming, collectively known today as climate change effects.

Public awareness about global warming lacked conviction when former VP Al Gore floated the phenomena in the political arena during the Clinton administration. It was only in 2006, when his 90-minute documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth” was shown in theaters that many finally understood the fight he waged in Congress; and why he was frustrated over the lack of political action to address the causes and effects of global warming.

Although Gore did not succeed in obtaining the policy response he desired, his global warming docu film sparked a wave of national interest that somehow changed the general perception about environmentalism.

While dozens of films and TV series used the theme as storyline before, the public simply perceived the warming condition as a background story of a disaster movie. Unlike the “An Inconvenient Truth”documentary, the presentation had brought more light to the what, why and how of global warming as a detrimental condition of the environment.

The Need to Continue Raising Environmental Awareness Across the Globe

Yet despite the global summits and pacts that called on nations to take action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the seriousness of the situation is still largely ignored in many sectors.

Actually, there are many aspects of environment problems that people need to understand. Environmental awareness includes not only the effects of climate change but also the degradation and depletion of natural resources that in the future could lead to food shortage. Climate scientists had predicted disease outbreaks when they explained that as permafrosts thaw, many disease causing organisms will be released into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The important thing though is to continue motivating the younger generation to understand the importance of carrying on with the environment-friendly behavior most people are practicing today.

Examples Compelling Climate Change Documentaries

Earth (2012)

Penn State professor of geology Richard Alley presents Earth: The Operators’ Manual – Powering the Planet as a documentary that tries to convince those who are still skeptical of climate change. Alley explains that burning fossil fuels that result to CO2 emissions is the main reason why despite environmental measure, the Earth’s temperature continues to stay at high levels.

Years of Living Dangerously (2014)

A Showtime series that ran for two seasons, with 8 episodes each that tackled over 30 topics led by expert climate scientists alongside popular celebrities. Every segment explained a range of various climate change impacts and environment issues like coral bleaching, deforestation, extreme weather, biodiversity, drought, ocean acidification, sea-level rise,

Meltdown (2021)

This documentary pays tribute to the Chasing Ice by Arctic 2012 documentary about shrinking ice sheets. own. Founder and director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and host of Climate Connections Anthony Leiserowitz, tapped photographer Lynn Davis in producing a show featuring Davis’ photography of beautiful Arctic sceneries Meltdown could trigger a sense of terror and sadness as Davis’ photographs rxposed the consequence of huma and sadness as consequences of mankind’s irresponsible human activities.

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