Humans Losing Ability to Cool Themselves Amidst High-Humidity and Heat Waves

thermometer showing rise of temperature with a sky backgroundA recent study by the Penn State University discovered that humans won’t be able to cool themselves naturally. Global temperatures rise even by a single degree. The critical levels of serious heat and humidity would bring forth negative effects to human health and the environment. After all, the human body can endure only a certain level of warm temperature. In fact in places like Asia, there were already instances in the past where humidity and heat levels had surpassed human limits.

Impact of Loss of Ability to Cool

two figures being affected by heatwaveWithout the ability of the body to cool itself, this could compromise cardiovascular health.  This is alarming for nations that do not have access to means of alleviating heat like air conditioning. Especially when high-humidity heat waves are different; they are more troubling than regular heat waves as the air is incapable of taking in the extra moisture in the surroundings.

In putting an end to the increasing temperature of the planet, actions must be taken as soon as possible. Global temperatures would rise up to 3 degrees Celsius if actions aren’t still taken by 2100. Years of research have been informing people to lessen the consumption of greenhouse gases, particularly fossil fuels because of the amount of carbon dioxide it releases.