Saving the Planet

Others may not notice but the world we are living in is not as good as it is years ago. A lot of destruction actually happened and still happening due to abuse of the use of its resources and due to the apathy from most of the people. Unfortunately, without the help of everyone, everyone and everything will stay rock-bottom or worse, vanish. What can one do to be an advocate for the environment’s protection and help convince people to preserve and save the planet?

A lot of organizations whose main goal is to preserve and conserve the natural resources are already existing. They have established objectives, mission, vision, and goals for the environment and for the people. A lot of activities are also being conducted that aims to help the surroundings and influence other to do the same. However, even if it should be enough, it seems that it is still lacking.

Advocacies, just like marketing, should reach different audience. That even if you already have your target, you will still do your best to reach the potential ones. You wanted to spread a message about your product and this time, the product will be “preserving the environment”. it will not be an easy task but through creativity, people will finally notice its significant purpose and what will be the benefits of it to them.

Influencing people to be more cautious and conscious to everything they do that can possibly affect the environment will need a lot of creative means of showing them the “madness” of sustainability. Advocates can try conducting activities other than the usual tree planting. Fund raising can be a good one. Hire some famous performers or if you can perform yourself, invest in the best acoustic blues guitars  and entertain your audience with the hint of conservation through the songs that you will be playing.