Tips For A Sustainable Surfing Holiday

Many are drawn to the sun on vacation to finally relax again.

How to protect the environment and the climate when traveling to surf

The good is so close

On vacation, the perceived distance from everyday life counts. This results from the travel time and not from the distance. Also, the closer the holiday destination, the shorter the journey, and the more time there is for relaxation.

Arrive climate-friendly

Short-haul flights should be avoided as a matter of principle because they pollute the climate and the environment disproportionately with CO2 and the even more harmful emissions of nitrogen oxides, soot, and water vapor. Holidays by car over long distances are very harmful to the climate.

The most climate-friendly way to travel long distances is by long-distance bus and by long-distance or night train.

Ecological accommodation

When choosing accommodation, there is an ecological alternative for every preference. Camping with a tent is sustainable and is suitable for both family and adventure holidays. People who travel alone and have a small budget can live on organic farms with help for board and lodging.

Another option that saves money and resources is swapping apartments or whole houses with other people. But there are also classic hotels and holiday homes or campsites in the environmentally friendly version.

Eat sustainably

In principle, nothing else applies here than what you can also observe at home. It is best to use regional organic and fair trade products. If available, eat a lot of vegetarian or, even better, vegan food, and make sure that the products are a little processed and are currently in season.


Nature-friendly behavior on a sustainable holiday

Even before the trip, you can protect the climate and resources by buying used clothing and equipment. You often only need camping or ski equipment and bathing accessories such as snorkels and fins once in a while, after which they are real space hogs in the basement. Surfing gear like fins, pads, and leashes from this company are premium made so they will last long. Therefore pack them as calmly as possible so that you do not have to buy anything on-site.

Many small steps help to protect the environment and the climate. In the accommodation, you can take care to save water and not use more water than the local population. The towels do not need to be changed every day. Also, turn off the lights and TV when you leave the room. Leaving the air conditioning off also saves energy.