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Urbanization is becoming evident not only in the environment, but also in the way people dress. Techwear is an urban clothing style that is slowly spreading its influence in the fashion industry and rising in popularity every year. It was all the rage in Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan in the early 2010s, and has found its way in the West around 2015, making itself a part of streetwear history in the Western fashion culture.  

Derived from the words “technical wear”, the techwear style is about high-performance clothing that features a balance of utility and design. Made from fabrics with “technical” properties, techwear is water-resistant, breathable and durable, and is fashioned in a way that it allows movement and provides functionality and comfort without leaving out style. Hence, techwear is an excellent choice for outdoor, street and everyday wear.  

Getting Into The Techwear Style – Techwearofficial

Inexpensive techwear may be difficult to find because of its reliance on and need for high-end, high-performance fabrics, however several techwear brands, like techwearofficial, have used similar, if not crafted their own, materials and techs that are to the same degree and manner durable, comfortable and able to weather the outdoor elements.

The fusion of special fabrics, functional features and contemporary urban design and style is the reason why techwear is very appealing and well-received, especially among the young. But techwear isn’t simply a clothing style. Rather, it is about artistic expression, cultural shifts, and movement of ideas. Techwear is then heavily influenced and inspired by concepts like dystopian cyberpunk, military and combat elements, and futuristic sci-fi. 

Techwearofficial offers a variety of cyberpunk, warcore, and futuristic techwear garments, from hooded jackets, coats to kimonos, from multi-pocket cargo pants to reflective tracksuit, high-top sneakers to tactical boots, from baggy tees, sleeveless shirts to corsets. If its techwear accessories you’re looking for, you don’t have to look far since techwearofficial also has an amazing collection of accessories to complete your techwear look, from full-face LED masks, goggles to reflective glasses, from utility belts to tactical crossbody bags. 

Techwearofficial has the outfit you need to get into the techwear style and with the range of techwear collections that it offers, you will definitely be able to put together your own unique ensemble of techwear outfits, ready to rave and gallivant in style.