Travel sustainably with Ben Smith Air France

What exactly is meant by sustainable travel? Basically, in this context, the needs of travellers should be brought into harmony with the preservation of nature and biodiversity. To put it more simply. The basic principle is to travel as usual, but also to behave in an environmentally conscious manner during the holiday season. That sounds more complicated at first than it actually is. Such a holiday should be an exciting experience, especially for your curious children. Come a little closer to nature together and discover the world around you up close and all over again.

Travel environmentally conscious: Ben Smith Air France

So if you decide to make your next family vacation a little more sustainable, you can start with the choice of the travel destination. You don’t always have to go far for a wonderful family vacation. You can take your little ones to one of your neighbouring countries.

Choosing a sustainable transport means: Ben Smith Air France

The choice of possible means of transport can be very diverse. The most environmentally friendly means of transport is by far the train. Ben Smith Air FranceNot only do you travel much more environmentally friendly, but you can also avoid annoying traffic jams and long hours in the car. Lean back and relax and let yourself be taken to your destination in peace. And while you are resting, your little ones will look out of the window full of anticipation and marvel at the passing landscape. With every meter you get closer to your destination, the surrounding nature will gradually change as well. How exciting a train ride can be!

In some cases, however, the desired holiday destination is so far away that unfortunately, you cannot avoid a ben smith air France flight. In such cases, it is advisable to stay longer at your destination, that is, at best, you fly once for three weeks into the distance instead of travelling by plane three times for one week each time. Often you even have the opportunity to offset aircraft emissions and, for example, support one of numerous environmental projects with a small donation.

So if you are dependent on a flight, you can at least make sure that the chosen accommodation meets the ecological standards and is committed to protecting the environment.