Digital Marketing Pointers for ESG Companies Looking to Attract Consumers and Investors

In the past ten years, the business and investment realms have been focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) as investors look for these criteria. Integrating the principles and concepts of sustainability in business work processes is of utmost importance now more than ever. Mainly because consumers, particularly millennials, are inclined to support companies that care about social justice, environmental protection, and ethical management.

Today, companies that adhere to sustainable practices enhance their name and brand, making their products or services more appealing to consumers. Furthermore, ESG adherence instills loyalty and greater sense of community among employees, it inspires them to perform better in knowing that they work for a company that cares for the environment and society.

That being the case, marketing must work toward creating and distributing content that demonstrates how a company gives importance to ESG goals. Using digital marketing strategies to communicate and share with consumers will lead to positive results.

ESG integrated in digital marketing efforts can be exhibited through programs and products, mission statement, investor and public relations efforts via social media and employee management.

Some Pointers to Take Note of When Developing Sustainable ESG Messages

Be distinctive and consistent when communicating messages ny conveying the key differentiators that make your company unique. Consistently impart your company’s vision, mission and goals by way of simple but effective narrative when communicating with investors, consumers and employees in every interaction.

ESG is a very broad topic and it can be difficult to choose which topics to focus on but It’s important to remember that you do not have to tackle every problem under ESG. Still, make sure your digital marketing content is up to date with relevant issues. Narrow down the range of issues to focus on, by basing the topics on your company’s goals, industry and corporate values.

Consider asserting yourself as the leader on a particular topic by using stories that highlight your company’s ESG efforts; particularly those that your company carried out even in the absence of an ongoing crisis. Narratives can be promoted through ESG statistics, infographics, success stories, articles written by digital marketing experts, testimonials of customers and employees. The Journal of Advertising Research published a study that shows consumers give attention to ESG content that does not look promotional as it benefits communities and the society more than the company

Deliver your company’s ESG public relations efforts in appropriate media channels, to give your company more visibility. Partner with digital marketing SEO experts in your locality as they are more familiar with the particular ESG issues affecting the communities in your region. Let’s say your business operates in Arizona, collaborate with digital marketing professionals who know which SEO companies strategies work to connect with local consumers and investors.

While focusing on ESG is critical in every marketing campaign, the performance of your company’s products or services are still the primary basis with which consumers and investors make decisions. Falling into the falsehood of green washing is not a sustainable marketing strategy. Doing so will not produce long term positive results as the campaign merely relies on communications that do not carry true narratives about the company’s ESG goals and mission.